Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vancouver, eh?

After leaving Ken and Beth’s house in Seattle, we planned to meet another seminary friend and his wife and kids from Vancouver. So, we drove a few hours north to the Canadian border crossing. They asked us if we owned our vehicle and whether or not we had guns or drugs. Jeremy told them yes we owned our van and no we did not have guns or drugs. Apparently, we do not look too shady because they took his word for it and sent us on our way.

Jeremy’s friends Tim and Charlotte (and their two kids Myra and Isaiah) had given us directions to their new apartment in Vancouver. They hadn’t actually moved in yet, so they just met us there and we took off to see the city. We all got one day passes for public transportation downtown and took a train then a sea bus to see the sights of Vancouver. The city has a really nice transportations system, partly due to the Olympics being held there. After spending some time in a really nice little market place, we had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and checked out the plaza where the Olympic torch was lit.

By that time we decided we better move on so that Jeremy and I could find a place to camp before it got too late. We took the train back to where we parked, thanked Tim and Charlotte for taking time to show us around Vancouver and got back on the road. Eventually, we pulled into a really nice RV park just outside of Vancouver to rest for the night.


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